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Project Synergize is a community engagement platform that enables cities, real estate developers, and opportunity zone investors to de-risk their major developments.

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Four Steps to Make Better Spaces


Conveniently search for regions where you are developing projects or looking to invest in opportunity zones.


Access a dashboard that visualizes community investment opportunities, local tax incentives, and cultural history of the neighborhood.


Our specialized tool indicates the amount of support or disapproval your development project will receive through a simple, automated score.


Connect with community stakeholders to plan and track your engagement and impact through our DealFlow feature.

Odds are your project will be approved through ULURP...

But why wait 200 days? Proactively engage communities in new ways and be at the cutting-edge of impact and innovation.

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Community Empowerment

Project Synergize is a multi-faceted platform powered by Seam Social Labs. Seam Social Labs is a social enterprise dedicated to 21st economic justice by empowering disinvested communities. The core mission of this platform is to ensure that cities and developers engage communities during the pre-development phase of projects, and to promote community empowerment by ensuring that resident voices are heard.

The proprietary data we collect and utilize for this platform is based on crowd-sourced votes from local residents in addition to public data from local governments. None of the data we use is personal, demographic, or census based. We firmly believe communities should have equitable access and input to land and public spaces. Project Synergize is designed with three impact goals in mind, which are also aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.